Colorado Correspondence

This page features photos sent from our correspondent.

LRT #112 poses at the newly renovated terminal, Denver's Union Station. A train of two articulates operates on California Street transit mall in Denver, CO.
Denver's RTD (Regional Transit District) operates two LRT routes, C and D. The picture shows Broadway station served by both routes. LRT #117, of typical Siemens design, at Broadway station. The South-East Line now branches out from this station.
LRT #105 is receiving passengers on Route D at Mineral terminal. Another #100 series LRT serving Route C has just arrived at Mineral terminal.
By Spring 2006, the new 200 series cars, prepared for the South-East Line, have become mixed with the 100 series cars to form a train. This picture shows the coupler area between #121 and #215 at Union Station. The doors have been redesigned to a plug type. (Apr. 2006)
A train of Swiss-made Diesel units is pulled into the Cog Railway Depot in Manitou Springs, CO. The tourist attraction brings you to Pikes Peak, the world's highest point (14,110 ft/4,303 m) reached by the rack rail systems.