Colorado Correspondence

This page features photos sent from our correspondent.

LRT #112 poses at the newly renovated terminal, Denver's Union Station.A train of two articulates operates on California Street transit mall in Denver, CO.
Denver's RTD (Regional Transit District) operates two LRT routes, C and D. The picture shows Broadway station served by both routes.LRT #117, of typical Siemens design, at Broadway station. The South-East Line now branches out from this station.
LRT #105 is receiving passengers on Route D at Mineral terminal.Another #100 series LRT serving Route C has just arrived at Mineral terminal.
By Spring 2006, the new 200 series cars, prepared for the South-East Line, have become mixed with the 100 series cars to form a train.This picture shows the coupler area between #121 and #215 at the Union Station. The doors have been redesigned to a plug type.(Apr. 2006)
A train of Swiss-made Diesel units is pulled into the Cog Railway Depot in Manitou Springs, CO.The tourist attraction brings you to Pikes Peak, the world's highest point (14,110 ft/4,303 m) reached by the rack rail systems.