Colorado Correspondence

This page features photos sent from our correspondent.

Denver's Forney Museum exhibits an old cable tram that ran 15th Street. Their collection includes Union Pacific's 4-axle steamer #4005.
One day, our correspondent visited Colorado Railroad Museum to meet Thomas, which is propelled by the DL seen behind. D&RGW's (Denver & Rio Grande Western RR) 4-axel #683 was originally built in 1890.
Retired in 1984, D&RGW's coupled DL (5771+5762) was a typical of mainline freighters. After bankruptcy in 1930, RGS (Rio Grande Southern RR) operated motor-trucks on its narrow-gauged tracks, like Car #2 shown.
Car #1053 on San Francisco's historic Route F is former SEPTA's #2721, and painted in Brooklyn livery. Historic trolleys line up along Route F's loop in Wharves.
The trolley #952 named Desire came from New Orleans, LA. Inside car #952 are the rows of wooden benches.